Lego Indiana Jones Original Adventures


Play Indy as a Lego character


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The new Indiana Jones Movie is to arrive in theaters and it will be accompanied by a Lego game based on the original movies of the famous archaeologist.

Lego Indiana Jones Original Adventures emulates perfectly the scenarios, characters and scenes of the Indiana Jones Original films: The last crusade, The lost ark and The temple of Doom and mixes two great fan phenomenons: Indiana Jones and Lego.

It's not only Indy but more than 60 characters from the film have been created as Lego characters and inserted in the game: Mola Ram and Willie Scott (Indiana Jones and the temple of doom), Major Arnold Toht and Marion RavenWood (Raiders of the lost ark), Henry Jones and Grail Knight (The last crusade),...

You can play each scenario with any character as long as you have unlocked it and even combine pieces and create your own hero. Each film is divided into 6 episodes where you'll relive Indy' adventures in a Lego style.

With no doubt this is a must-have game for Indy fans.

Windows XP with DirectX 9.0c, Pentium III 1GHz or similar, 256 MB RAM, video card with 128 MB and Shader Model 2.0 support; and 1.5 GB of free space in HD.

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